SOLD! - (ANTIQUE) Victorian Art Nouveau Arts and Crafts 1880 Sterling Silver Iris Flowers Ring

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  • SOLD! - (ANTIQUE) Victorian Art Nouveau Arts and Crafts 1880 Sterling Silver Iris Flowers Ring
  • SOLD! - (ANTIQUE) Victorian Art Nouveau Arts and Crafts 1880 Sterling Silver Iris Flowers Ring



Gorgeous Rare Antique Victorian Art Nouveau Arts and Crafts 1880s Hand-crafted Sterling Silver Ring Iris / Irises Floral Flowers Botanical Leaves

A New Arrival From Paris!

This is Absolutely Gorgeous! Art nouveau was showcased first in Paris and then in London. There are two distinct looks, curvy lined and or austere and linear. Tested as Sterling Silver. Purchased in France, French or English in origin. Photos are extremely enlarged to show the exquisite hand-crafted detail.

This wonderful original ring dates circa 1880s - 1910. The Art Nouveau era embraced massive works of delicate pieces of jewelry. Undulating images of seductresses and sinuous plant forms as well as flowing abstract shapes.

The Art Nouveau style transformed the creativity of decorative arts in many countries. The new ultramodern movement in the 1890s meant moving away from classical standards of beauty to create a sophisticated blends of nature and art.

This elegant and sinuous, elongated ring displays gorgeous curvy lines, stylized flowers, leaves, roots, buds and seedpods. Elegant elongated, flat egg shaped, oval filigree design. A feminine form of exotic marquetry and iridescent shimmering sterling silver.

Arts and crafts - art nouveau of exquisite quality and fine craftsmanship. A One of a Kind sculpture! Perfect for wearing or display. Rococo style botanical jewellery.

There are repoussé / repousse style Iris flowers and foliage details on the FRONT & BACK of this magnificent hand sculpted and elegantly engraved ring. Superior quality techniques were used to decorate the surface. The word repoussé originates from the French verb repousser.

We are unsure of the maker of this ring even though we do know that this beautiful jewellery dates during 1880-1910 around the time of the Japanese Meiji period.

SIZE: Size 7 - Due to the unique design, would also fit a size 6 & 3/4 nicely.

LENGTH: 1 & 5/8" in length x 5/8" in width - The details are amazing considering it's size.

CONDITION: Exquisite, Stunning & Near Pristine!

The fine quality is unlike anything we have ever seen before in sterling. Quite a rare find. We have never seen a ring decorated just as beautifully on the top as it is underneath were it would rarely ever be seen. Much effort and time went into the creation of this special Victorian Treasure. SEE PHOTO No. 3 - The hand-crafted sculptural patters are not identical on both sides. The iris patterns on the front are very different than the iris flower patters on the underside of the ring. Breathtaking & Magnificent...

This ring bands rarity, style and fine quality is extremely similar to Arthur Bond Yokohama, in which it too exhibits the same type of expert craftsmanship / silversmithing qualities as any Arthur Bond Yokohama sterling silver iris designs do. As Arthur Bond Yokohama's work exhibits is of the 1910 period and he too was a very strong Art Nouveau influence. Some aspects of art nouveau were revived again in the early 1960s and art nouveau is still highly collected around the world to this day. A gorgeous Victorian Sterling "Work of Wearable Art" ring.

Absolutely Excellent Condition as you can see... Gorgeous!

A Very Beautiful Arts & Crafts collectible treasure!

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